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PAY IT FORWARD: Help spread the joy of upcycling

PAY IT FORWARD: Help spread the joy of upcycling

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I'd love for us to come together to make sure everyone has an opportunity to learn the essential skills to repair, re-purpose and re-style for themselves. 

There are a myriad benefits it brings both physically and mentally allowing people to create a sense of home, a sense of well-being, build confidence and the satisfaction and enjoyment of transforming things through fixing and personalising.

There will be some people who would like to be able to learn the skills to be able to use them to create themselves an income, which can obviously be potentially life-changing. 

Opening up creative industries to a fully diverse range of people can only bring us ALL good things in terms of meaning even more exciting and inspiring designs and much more human happiness in creating and sharing.   

In this super stressful, separated, segregated Modern World we can make a difference if we choose to come together to make things better. 

I've set up a tiered payment scheme to help from my side and you can help too! 

You can choose to pay forward by adding this workshop option onto your order if you can afford to pay a little more. 

You can increase the quantity at the check out if you wish to give a different amount.

The donation will specifically to go towards helping others who need our help to be able to start their upcycling adventures too.
This will be added to a set aside 'Pay it Forward' pot.  Done up North will take no profit from the contributions. 

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