Nicky Cash designer and owner of Done up North sits on a vintage upcycled sideboard in her Studio in Leeds


Hello, I'm Nicky aka Done up North and I'm here to help you to get into upcycling and live more creatively and joyfully as well as, of course, more sustainably, reducing your consumption and valuing things more!

Whether you are looking for help with repairing or re-designing, need advice and guidance knowing what can be upcycled and planning how or would like to be able to master the skills to be able to enjoy upcycling yourself, I am here to help.

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If you'd like to start your own upcycling adventures and get to enjoy the transformation process through refinishing repurposing and repair, have a look at my classes.

They focus on smooth finish & modern design upcycling for furniture & homewares, whether you wish to learn some essential techniques or go in-depth creating a piece from start-to-finish on full Course.

I also run in-person workshops at venues around the UK.

If you'd like any help deciding where to start or to discuss a private workshop or talk, drop me an email

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