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Done up North

MASTERCLASS: Lighting for Furniture

MASTERCLASS: Lighting for Furniture

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Are you wondering how to fit out your gorgeously upcycled vintage Drinks Cabinet with the lighting to make it the perfect focal point of a party?  Or how to make that display cabinet really come alive at night to show off its contents? 

Often a piece of furniture needs the perfect light to highlight it and to really add that final touch of magic.

Whether it comes on as you open it automatically, or has a remote control or switch so you can decide when to turn it on, different pieces require different treatments and if you've ever felt confused about where to start, come with me and I'll help make sense of it all!

I'll show you: 

- The different lighting and control formats and the best uses of them

- The way to create professional looking, custom fitted LED lights, which perfectly fit the piece  with LEDs from end-to-end

- How to create more discreet and durable lighting than simply sticking LED tape in place (which has a high risk of coming unstuck!) 

- How to colour match your interior fittings to make them look more polished and professional  

- Considerations for re-wiring existing vintage light fittings, when to replace and how 

- How to fit LEDs to unusual pieces such as corner cabinets and across separate sections of a cabinet so that they work together with one power source / one switch

- How to ensure your lighting is safe

What they said about this Class: 

"I wanted to share my latest project. Using the skills I learned on Nicky’s Done Up North Furniture Lighting course a few weeks back.

I wanted to up my “lighting game” and the course helped me do just that! Thanks Nicky Cash

This dinky cocktail cabinet has two different sets of lights with the drop down section being activated by motion sensor/door opening and the right hand section being controlled separately They light up the new mirrors and stripes I made just perfectly.

Highly recommend - Five stars"    

- Paul Estall, Percy & Albert

Are you ready to elevate your lighting game too?  

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