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Interior Design Service

Interior Design Service

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The Essentials
Includes design concept board with images of upcycled items.  And shopping list for any additional décor items that need to be purchased.  £770

The Works

Includes furniture placement plan, design concept board, 1-2 room visuals showing new scheme and upcycled/refurbished pieces, with a supply list detailing the pieces to be upcycled and any additional décor items that need to be purchased.  £1540

The Upcycled Interior Design package takes into account everything you currently have in a specific room that you have and want to keep and looks at how to make it all work cohesively through upcycling and re-styling and where necessary accenting and pulling together with additional select décor items. 

As part of this package, we can also look around at what other items around your home might work well to bring into the re-designed room.

I work with you to really get a good feel for what you do and don’t like in order to design your room putting together a brief and teasing out inspiration of from things you love – even if you don’t feel you know what your style is … yet!

Because I have trained in Interior Design it’s something I naturally have been able to offer when I design for all my furniture clients in order to make sure their piece fits into their home and tastes perfectly. 

And that’s the key…  while I have a recognisable Done up North style this is where my designers hat comes out and allows me to design for YOU… so not every upcycled element piece is going to be geometric and saying ‘look at me!’

This is all about about making the pieces you want to have updated work better together with the things you love together all within a re-worked or new décor scheme. 

So that might entail more simple updates, such as colour, finish or fittings to some pieces in the room, so that everything works in harmony together. 

All the suggested updates will be shown together on the room design mock ups, along with any new décor items. 

If you would like work on an individual statement design piece for the room that package can be added and worked on with the room scheme project.

Where I specify Done up North style designs of course I will be happy to provide you with a quote for those and where other styles of work are called for I’ll provide you with quotes from other experts in my field. 

The other Upcycled elements will be captured in a separate report – some may be simple DIY and I’ll provide suggestions if so, others may be changes that an upcycling expert may be able to quote to undertake for you.

There will also be a shopping list for suggested new elements like wallpaper, paint, flooring & lighting. Wherever possible suggestions will be sustainable, eco friendly or reclaimed. 

I can provide quotes from trusted trades and crafts people to carry out any decorative, woodworking alterations or upholstery work.

The beauty of this approach is that it’s so flexible. 

You’ll have a visual blueprint for your scheme showing you how it can all work.  You can choose to implement it over time rather than all at once if you wish.  

You may decide to proceed with some elements yourself and use one or two experts to help you.  

With a visual plan to work from you may find gives you the confidence to then customise and change things as you go along yourself. 

Once you start I am sure you’ll get an eye for even more upcycling possibilities and where you can add even more personal touches of your own style!

If you wish to hand over implementation fully a fee of 10% of the total project cost can be added for Project Management.

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