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'Mod' - Drinks Cabinet with monochrome geometric design

'Mod' - Drinks Cabinet with monochrome geometric design

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An exclusive design vintage cabinet which gives ample display space for a serious collector of spirits who is looking to make an impact in their home with one-of-a-kind design art furniture.    

The piece has been re-styled with modern monochrome geometric design that will create a stunning focal point in any room and show off your collection in style. 

The piece has been refinished in an intense Black shade with a mellow Gold metallic interior backdrop. 

The pared back asymmetric design artfully covers the cabinet doors and continues on across the glass on the opposite side to create a neat interplay where less is more. 

The piece was inspired by 1960s Mod colour palette and a pared down stylish aesthetic, which totally transforms the original style of the piece and gives it a seriously cool vibe. 

I create each piece by hand with super smooth, durable finishes and a meticulous eye for detail. No two pieces can ever be the same as each is designed individually.

My passion and ethos is to take pieces that have lived a life already and completely rejuvenate and invent them through my designs, which both honour the Modern design era but also incorporate more progressive elements, and turn them into timeless investment pieces and 'Antiques of the Future'.  

Discreet custom fitted LED lighting and new glass shelves complete the updated look here. 

All the shelves are adjustable in height. 

Height:  171cm 
Width: 73cm 
Depth:  40cm 

Please get in touch if you like this piece but are looking for something a little different in size or style as I offer a custom source and design service.  Email me and we can have a chat about your custom design.

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