Collection: Mastering the Art of Tape Design

Welcome to this special Masterclass dedicated to creating amazing Professional quality Tape Designs not just with me but with a whole host of your favourite leading UK Pro Tape Designers!

This class is designed to take you from the point of frustration or head scratching to feeling confident and enjoying the creating process. 

We will take you through our tried and tested supplies and techniques to help you in your own design work!

If you are completely new to furniture re-finishing, have a look at my other classes and  Full Online Upcycling Course to get much more detail around the processes and products for prepping, painting and adding finishes.  All Classes & Courses

But if you're already here and completely new to furniture re-finishing, don't worry you can still take this class with us as we take you through the lot!  

See you in there!

Nicky x

Don't forget to tag me @doneupnorth in your designs :)


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