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Supplies & kits

Supplies & kits

This is intended to give you a visual guide and specification of the type of lights I've usd successfully.   

Do feel free to source from other outlets and find better prices... and even better products - as there are always new developments to explore!

Light Bars

Flat Style: /

Interconnected bars:

Tube Style (preferred):
Tube Style (alternative):

Braided 2 or 3 core flex: Ebay


LED replacement for standard vintage tube fittings:


Replacement fittings for tube bulbs:

LED light strips:

Standard Warm White LED strip with motion sensor, inline switch and plug:

Light strip connectors:

White 2 pin strip connectors
Colour 4 pin strip connectors

Colour changing Smart App LED strips (no plug):

Light Strip covers

1m length LED Aluminum Profile and diffuser covers

**If any of these links are updated on Amazon and no longer work please email me and let me know :) **

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