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TRAINING PACK: Getting started with your Upcycling Business

TRAINING PACK: Getting started with your Upcycling Business

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This Getting started bundle will give you a massive boost and eliminate a lot of the head scratching and uncertainty that naturally comes when you first start out. 

The core of the trainings is my own 'Getting Set up for Success' video which covers everything from naming your business, branding right through to selling and social media. 

There are also industry expert trainings to help you get your photos, your listings and, as importantly, your mindset right!  

And then to make things run much more smoothly from the get-go on the project side, you'll also get my key tried-and-tested - and still used! - templates so you don't have to figure out how the heck to price and run customer commission projects all by yourself. 

If you want to take a lot of the headache out of getting set up for Success then take advantage of my years of experience and get yourself this training pack!   

Nicky x



  • Getting Set up for Success 

In-depth initial training on setting up everything you need when starting your business from social media, to photography to branding, to selling.

  • Etsy set up and SEO training with Etsy selling expert 

  • Unlocking Imposter Syndrome (so you don't get in your own way while getting going!) 

  • Getting Friendly with the 'Gram (with me)


  • Stand out Staging with Judy Anaya of the Thrive staging group


  • Customer Estimate template
  • Costing calculator for Custom work
  • Furniture Upcycling Project Terms & Conditions
  • Custom Project process 
  • Care Letter 
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