What you'll need to take the Design Challenge!

Each day you’ll get given a task to accomplish before moving on to the next day’s task, taking you closer and closer to realising that finished gorgeous design by the end of the week!  

You can totally spend longer if you wish to, but to keep I think you should be able to have a really good go at each task in 30-60 mins (that can be broken up if it’s easier to throughout the day) so you can keep up with each day!  In a way it's better to do things quickly first time so you don't get stuck in indecision 😉

The challenge will give you an option of working on your computer / tablet or working on paper - or a combination of both.

If you aren't conversant with a graphics package like Photoshop or Procreate then you’ll need some paper and some drawing materials like paper, pencil/pens, coloured pencils, watercolours, felt pens, even the actual paint if you have chosen it already)

Don’t worry – I'll be working through both approaches! 

You’ll also need access to a simple printer (Black & White is fine).  

If you prefer to work fully off the computer you will need some Magazines & catalogues, any images of the room / decor you are designing for (if it needs to go with a scheme),paint charts, and perhaps any fabric, paper or paint samples you have got in mind or lying around at home that you could make use of. Also some craft glue and scissors. 

I'll be using Pinterest and Canva for that part myself (both are free to use) but you could use a simple folder on your computer and Word or PowerPoint if you prefer.