As you're here I'm guessing, like me, you are interested in bringing more creativity, enjoyment and expression of your unique self into your life through upcycling, repurposing and restoring! 

Bringing new life to old things and all the benefits and pleasure that comes with it.  

You're looking to create more soulful, meaningful and authentic interiors that are more of a personal statement and a place of sanctuary for you, rather than some off-the-shelf way of living that could belong to almost anyone.  

Trends may interest you and interior magazines inspire, but ultimately you're seeking something timeless and enduring and what matters most is the enjoyment it brings you and I get that. 

There are so many opportunities to put your personal stamp on your home and your life through upcycling. 

From furniture, to furnishings & fabrics, accessories & fittings, almost anything has the potential to have a second life. 

If that all excites you in theory but in practice you aren't quite sure where or how to start, consider me your new Upcycling Best friend ;) 

I'm here to share ideas and inspiration and get you going with practical tips and help (check out my Instagram for regular postings!). 

Whether you are looking to have designs created for you or would like to learn to upcycle yourself and even transform your own life by starting a new business too, have a look at some of the ways I can help you with the Re-loved Life. 

Nicky x 

You can read my own Re-loving Life story here

Done up North Services - Upcycling for Interiors, Designs, Consultation, Talks, Demos

Re-love your Home - Personal Upcycling Consultation 

A 1-to-1 session where we review and plan what you have that can be upcycled together, with style and design suggestions to help you get clear on how to get started.  

You'll get an itemised action plan plus product recommendations and methods for the identified projects. 

Think of this a bit like a decluttering session where we'll make real progress, however we'll be trying to not throw things away but instead to transform them! 

This session can be extended or followed up by practical session if you need more hands on help to actually get those projects going or you could choose to book a class. 

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Creative Upcycler Class

Really unleash your inner creative by taking a class dedicated to developing your Restoring and Re-styling skills.   Classes are aimed at anyone from beginner to those looking to further enhance their skills up to existing industry Pros.

They are particularly beneficial if you are looking at creating Upcycled pieces to sell as they will guide you on professional quality processes and finishes. There are also classes on aspects of designing and presenting your work, selling and the commissioning process that can be invaluable for anyone starting out.

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Designs for Upcycled Interiors

This is where I will work with you to create a design for a specific item that perfectly fits into your home or, if you need it, I can help you pull together a whole room scheme to feature one or more re-styled pieces. 

You may have something already you wish to have re-designed or it might be that you're looking for that special something that will work and need help to find it. 

The aim is always to make the most of your existing decor and items you already own when designing these schemes, whether re-siting furniture, furnishings and accessories or re-styling them to make everything work cohesively in a new scheme.

Designs start from as little as £350 for a single piece of furniture with full design development process, product recommendations and visual mock ups.

Whether you wish to take them away and work on it yourself or you'd like a quote for the work to be done by me or one of my network of trusted fellow Pros, you are totally free to choose how to make the designs come to life!  

Let's Spread the Word!

If you would like to inspire your group, network or organisation to consider  Upcycling as a better, more cost-effective and environmentally-friendly option to always buying new, get in touch and let's have a chat.

I travel throughout the UK (and am happy to go further!) to present talks on Upcycling for Interiors, demonstrate techniques and run practical workshops and am happy to tailor something to your audience that is fun and engaging as well as educational! 

You can read more about my experience here