COVID 19 Measures for Done up North Workshops

This is how we are running our workshops at the Done up North studios with regards to Coronavirus prevention measures and taking into account the new UK legislation around numbers that can gather, as well as local lockdowns. 

According to the training falls currently falls outside of the 'rule of 6' guidelines as per cited below. 

There will be exceptions where groups can be larger than 6 people, including:

  • for education, training, or registered childcare (including wraparound care)

The local lockdown for Leeds only restricts us in terms of socialising in homes and gardens so again with the correct measures in place we are fine to proceed on the basis that this activity is an exception. 

Obviously your safety is paramount to us and so we have put additional workshop measures in place.

The Studio:

Our studio at Springfield Mills is a big airy space and so with the appropriate full social distancing we are able to provide a separate workbench each for up to 5 individual participants with the appropriate distancing between them.  

If anyone attending is in the same household / bubble they will be seated on the same bench to work and the spare place made available.

On arrival:

  • The courses start at 10am so we will ask that you arrive no more than 30 minutes before the start time but before 10 am and wait outside in the corridor appropriately distanced. We’ll come and welcome you in individually to get settled

  • We will ask that you wear a face mask as you come in until you are at your workbench. You’ll also have to check in on the Track and Trace app by scanning the QR code at the door using your mobile phone.
  • We will ask that you sanitise your hands when entering and leaving the workshop space, and during the workshop  - hand sanitiser is beside the front door and on each desk and on the way back from the toilets.

  • We will also ask you some specific questions about symptoms as you come in.

  • We’ll ask you to keep the amount of things you brings with you (ie coats / bags) to a minimum but there will be a basket under your bench to pop things in safely.

During the class:

  • We’ll give you a full run down of how we’ll do things before we get started, including how we’ll run the demos so that everyone can see/hear ok. 

  • Masks won’t need to be worn while at your bench while you’re working unless you wish to.  Nicky will wear a face covering to approach your bench.
  • Meals and refreshments must be taken at your bench for the most part but there is an outdoor picnic area if you would like some fresh air. (We do have some comfier chairs inside and will have the air con on inside as well of course!)

  • We’ll provide refreshments to your bench (tea, coffee & water) and some packaged snacks (packed sandwiches will be provide for the weekend course) – though feel free to bring your own supplies along (we can pop things in the fridge for you if need us to)
  • Individual equipment & materials will be provided on your bench where possible and if you require other tools and products we’ll aim to bring them to you and then we can make sure to keep movement around the studio to a minimum and can sanitise shared items after use too.

  • All surfaces (eg tables & chairs) and equipment will be cleaned prior to and after the classes

Finally, if you are feeling unwell or have any COVID19 symptoms we ask that you don’t attend the workshop and we’ll work with you to arrange a new date for you to come.

Most importantly we want you to enjoy the day so please do ask if you have any concerns or questions - please email us