Buy Autentico

The newest kid on the block! I have been experiencing and experimenting with different paints lately and are pleased to introduce you to the fabulous paints and products of Autentico! 

Just for now I am working with Autentico via their Affiliate scheme so if you buy using the links here they will fulfil your order for me! Once things get a little bit more back to normal I'll look forward to bringing the products properly into my online store and studio.

They have a wonderful range of paints, including wall paints, exterior paints and texture effect paints and up to 150 beautiful colours! 

All Autentico products are environmentally friendly, low voc and child friendly. 

The ranges I'm personally working at the moment is Versante Matt - an equivalent paint to Fusion Mineral Paint if you have experienced of that - and Versante Eggshell - the same amazing paint but with a higher sheen finish so no top coat is required if you prefer a little more gleam to your paintwork!   

I'm also bringing you the fabulous Bio Strip which is a brilliant product for stripping old paint and varnish to reveal beautiful wood ready to be refinished. 

Click on the ranges below to explore and buy from our recommended products. 

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