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ONLINE COURSE: Confidently Restore & Refinish Vintage Wood Furniture

ONLINE COURSE: Confidently Restore & Refinish Vintage Wood Furniture

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Whether you want to be able to restore furniture for yourself, would like to learn the best professional techniques with a view to selling, or already are a Pro looking to up-level your skills, this Course will cut through the confusion and give you what you need to confidently repair, refinish & beautify old, tired Wooden furniture.

Together we'll be creating show-stopping pieces that celebrate the natural beauty of the original wood!

You don't need to have any previous experience as I will take you through everything I do on my pieces from the very start of the process. 

If you do have experience but want to feel more confident tackling challenging pieces it's worth coming along for all of it, as each stage contributes to the success of the restoration and there are a myriad of useful tips to pick up!

You'll get clear steps for the 'how' and 'what' at each stage so it's simplified and you don't get overwhelmed with options.  But, I think importantly, you'll get to understand the 'why' too so you can make future choices on projects too. 

Whether it's veneer or solid or both it doesn't matter - we'll look at both through the variety of projects going on and you'll get to understand what works best for each. 

I'm going to be working on the fabulous but very neglected Beautility sideboard you'll see in the pictures here so I will really be able to show you how to revive furniture that really does need the full on kiss of life!   

I'll be sharing everything with you as I go along and you can work alongside me on a piece of your own and really get to grips with the whole restoration process! 

All the Course resources are available for you in a private area of the website to access whenever you like and as often as you like. 

You can also join a private online group for help & support from myself and other students as you work.

You won't have to worry about figuring out the best products to use and getting lost in a sea of options.   I've explored many different products over the years and made ALL of the mistakes there can possibly be figuring out what really works best for me esp. with the type of work I like to create.  

These techniques are perfect if you already do designs but want to know how to do that as well as making the Grain 'pop' before adding them and then protecting everything together properly at the end.

So what you'll learn on this course is a result of all of that trial and error distilled down and bundled up ready for you to enjoy finding out about and I just KNOW it is going to save you so much time, money and heartache!  

But don't take my word for it, this is what people on my past Courses have said about coming and learning with me:

"Nicky was brilliant!!!! A mine of information on all aspects, learning different techniques. It was a real fun experience and the time just whizzed by. It was great to see other people’s vision for their pieces and the results. Book on to a workshop you will not be disappointed. A great big thumbs up 👍 from me 😁"  

Tania Tucker

"Before I started working with Nicky, I was struggling to know where to start and what order you did the different steps. But I’m so glad I joined her workshop as I learnt all the skills I needed. Nicky really helped me get clear on the process, the tools required, how to avoid mistakes and importantly, when mistakes do happen, how to correct them!"  

Helen Meredith

"I was not feeling confident about my skills and I was worried about making basic mistakes. Now, I feel so much more prepared to take on work and challenges in my journey with upcycling! Nicky provided awesome resources and guidance that I can keep with me forever. I am so thankful to have found her and to have the opportunity to work with her even from so far away. If you want to learn professional skills and feel confident about the quality of your work I highly recommend the course."

Jael Kuhl

"Having dabbled with a bit of furniture painting over the years – not always successfully – I really wanted to take things to the next level and learn some techniques from an expert. Taking part in the online workshop was a really smart move and exactly what I needed. I now feel confident in tackling different – and larger – pieces of furniture now, and I’d recommend Nicky’s workshops to anyone interested in up-cycling. Her explanation of each step is crystal clear and I really enjoyed learning from her."  

Grainne Slavin

If you've got any questions about the Course,  head to the Main Course Page where there are more details plus an FAQ section

And, of course if you've got any other questions, I'd love to help.

Just drop me an email  

Nicky x 

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