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MINI-COURSE: Learn to create designs for Furniture

MINI-COURSE: Learn to create designs for Furniture

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  ✨ Do you find yourself scratching your head over the design to do when upcycling furniture?

✨ Struggling to visualise what it will look like finished and can't make decisions over what to do?

✨ Wanting to trying to find your own style or ideas?  Perhaps you don't think you are very creative and that's holding you back!

There is so much inspiring design around us these days that it can be a little overwhelming!

And when you can't visualise your own finished designs it can really make you feel stuck and indecisive and then of course it’s hard to get started at all!

Well I’ll let you into a secret … I’ve been working as a Professional furniture upcycler for well over 4 years and most of the time I don’t look at a tired old piece of vintage and instantly see a design either!  Nope

If the ideas aren’t coming and you’re stuck for inspiration we can help our creativity along!   (And yes I truly believe every human being is creative by the way. That means YOU too 😉)

That's why I've created this special 5 step mini-course to help get you unstuck!

In just 5 hours or 5 days you could go from a blank sheet of paper (or staring blankly at a piece of vintage furniture!) to a fully realised design in your own style ready rock & to get to upcycling.

I’ll show you…

⚡️How to gather inspiration and ideas whether you are designing for you or to a client’s brief

⚡️How to assess your piece, how that can help inspire your design and help you create a sympathetic, balanced design

⚡️Clever techniques to help you develop your ideas and create an original design that is authentically YOUR style

⚡️How you can pull all that together and present it professionally at the end

Come join me on my Design your Way day challenge and get in touch with YOUR inner designer and take those upcycling designs to the next level!

So how does it work?

⚡️Every day for five days there is a task for that day for you to complete (or take them in the time frame you prefer, just as long as you take it step by step!)

⚡️Alongside the task, I will join you via a recorded webinar session with loads more detail on that task and demonstrate doing the task myself to create a design with you so you can see it brought to life.  

⚡️ You can come to the Done up North Creative Club on Facebook to report in each day on how you've got on and then share your finalised design and get lots of support and encouragement from us all along the way 

⚡️Once you’ve created your design, if you want help to make your design a reality  come on my Cutting Edge Furniture Upcycling Course and learn how to make that design a reality from start to finish.  The course is live for booking now!

If you are already working with furniture and looking to add tape designs to your skill set check out my Pro Tape Designs Masterclass coming up in November

Whether you really want to become a Furniture Upcycler (or already are one!) or want a creative project to get your teeth into right now, join me and learn to develop your very own unique furniture design and have some fun along the way!

Here's what some of the those who have taken the course said about their experience:

"I've loved being creative this week and stepping outside my usual comfort zone..."

"This process has been amazing and I will definitely use it for future projects. Thanks Nicky"

"Thank you Nicky Cash for a wonderful challenge and fun couple of weeks! I learned a ton about how to unlock my creativity." 

"What a journey, from having the sideboard for nearly 6 months!! and having a rough idea of what to do with it, but to be able to come up with all the little designs for it, and the tips and techniques, and seeing what it could look like when finished. I will always use this method now for every project I do! I have loved every second of the challenge

"This 5 day challenge has taught me so much, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of it and I feel quite proud that I was able to put my initial ideas for the piece aside and create something quite unique with the limited materials and time I had.I can’t wait to start working on this piece and I also cannot wait to start the Cutting Edge Furniture Design Course with Nicky in a few weeks where I’m hoping to learn so much more!"

I hope to see you there too! 🖤

Nicky x

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