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MASTERCLASS: Modern Vintage Decoupage

MASTERCLASS: Modern Vintage Decoupage

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On this Masterclass you will learn how to completely transform old furniture with wallpaper to give it a whole new luxe look without the need for complex measuring.   

Watch as I decoupage a vintage cocktail sideboard from start-to-finish, sharing all my tips and tricks to make the whole job look seamless and as if it was made that way.  

Whether you have always wanted to try Decoupaging furniture with wallpaper but aren't sure how or if you have before but want a better way to do, this class can help! 

I'll be the first to admit that I've had my struggles with mastering decoupage and have almost pulled my hair out over things like: 

Trying to cut out pieces precisely
Struggling to get it to stick down properly
Bubbling, w
rinkling, rips and marks

All meaning... too much wasted wallpaper! 😩  And frustration! 

But these days find it a much more enjoyable process so I want to share my techniques with you so you can use my experience to help you to great decoupage projects and much more enjoyment in the process. 

The Masterclass covers:

  • My preferred products and tools 
  • How to select wallpapers work with 
  • How to fit and match paper to the unusual curves and contours of a vintage sideboard with no measuring.  That's right... NO MEASURING!
  • How to fit wallpaper to interior surfaces that seem hard to get into
  • How to deal with bubbles and wrinkles
  • How to get that super sharp finish
  • How to select wallpapers work with 

As soon as you sign up you'll get a link to watch the sessions which you can watch as many times as you like, as your access won't expire...ever.  

The class includes a live demo and Q&A session covering techniques and also a full end-to-end demo as I work on a piece in it's entirety.   You'll also get a full list of tools and supplies I recommend using. 

So come and join me on this Masterclass and soon you'll be on your way to satisfyingly beautiful Decoupaged furniture too!

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