The Upcyled Hour team at Grand Designs Live

Upcycled Hour on the Vinterior Blog!

The Upcycled Hour makes an appearance in the latest article on Upcycling on the Vinterior blog!  (Including a pic of us at this year's Grand Designs Live in London!)

The leading vintage and interiors retail site have interviewed the head of the Upcycled Hour Collective, Chris Billinghurst, who is an ambassador for the upcycling industry and often speaks out to support us as a professional network of upcyclists and the industry of eco chic overall. 

Chris explains what upcycling actually is and the history behind it.  It's one of those topics that seems is still open to interpretations and particularly mis-interpretations in the media so it's well worth a read if you're still wondering! 

Vinterior have also pulled together a view of some of the professionally upcycled pieces currently available to buy on their website - including several Done up North pieces I'm delighted to say :) 

Watch this space for more Grand Designs Live news... 

You can read the article here on the Vinterior blog:



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