The British Heart Foundation loves upcycling!

The British Heart Foundation loves upcycling!

British Heart FoundationThe British Heart Foundation recently pulled together some fab advice from some of my favourite upcyclers - and me! - with the help of Beautiful Homes in the North - who have shared their tips and experience help people get started with upcycling.

Charity shops are my favourite places to source pieces to transform and the BHF Furniture shops are probably the places that I buy the most pieces from. I'll frequently travel to stores around the North and Midlands to pick up pieces I've spotted.

Max McMurdo and Zoe Pocock from MucknBrass were some of the other contributors so we were in great company as we share tips on a couple of our coffee table makeovers - both of which came from local charity shops. 

Check out the article over on the British Heart Foundation website




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